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Your best source for authentic Colorado Moss Rock

Premier Moss Rock is your source for rugged authentic Colorado Moss Rock. The quarry features magnificent granite and gneiss boulders ranging from one to four feet in diameter, some even larger.


Featuring beautiful bands of colors and boulders covered with moss and lichen growth, these unique and hard to find boulders are ideal for boulder walls, indoor or outdoor features, and many more applications.

Moss Rock

Our Granite and Gneiss Boulders have aged for thousands of years adding to their unique beauty. They are carefully extracted to preserve the moss and lichen growth for your feature landscape. Their incredible hardness and durability make them a superior choice for almost any installation.


Stunning Color

Large Granite and Gneiss Boulders are also available without the moss coverage. This lets the stunning color and rugged characteristics shine. Having been tumbled and sorted by an ancient glacial moraine, these incredibly hard and erosion resistant rocks are uniquely Colorado.


Ask about our Bag O' Boulders

Selected from 12” – 18” diameters, our Bag O’ Boulders is the same Granite and Gneiss as previously described, but conveniently placed and transported for you in one-ton bags. These bags are easily moved with a skid steer, creating efficiency for projects that utilize and feature mid-sized boulders.

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